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Huck: The Huck is my "downcountry" 29r wheelset for medium travel bikes vs a long travel rig that is designed around a 27.5 rim. They have a rugged, DH spec layup, 32H drilling, and thick, squared off beads. We updated the rim summer of 2020 to skew more aggressive and gravity oriented verses lightweight trail and uphill riding as this is the direction we have seen our customers moving with this model. The Huck rim is very comparable to the Enve M730 enduro rim in weight, internal dimension, and intended purpose. If you are interested in a more traditional XC or uphill travel trail wheel, check out the Grit combined with a cushcore (or similar) set-up. This will still be comparable in weight and width to the Enve M630 but with the protection of cushcore.

The rim is a 32mm deep, 40mm wide, with 31mm internal with sturdy hookless bead.  At 4.5mm wide and reinforced, the beads are better able to withstand impacts, though using a foam core rim protection product of your choice is always recommended. I use very thin (and more difficult to build with) Sapim Laser spokes for these builds as the additional flex provided by the 1.5mm vs 1.8mm or 2.0 center butt of a traditional spoke softens the ride and allows the wheel to absorb a hit with less likelihood of damage to the rim. I think they ride a lot smoother as well. With 32 working spokes, the tracking is still very precise.

For 2021, rims are now constructed using graphene doped Toray T800 carbon fiber. Graphene doping is a new process using wherein a very small amount of graphene (under 2%) is added to the carbon matrix during processing. Scientific testing has demonstrated significant increases in strength and impact resistance results from the graphene doping process. Our testing has shown this to be true in practice, allowing pretty significant weight reductions in the rim construction.

Huck model wheels utilize 6-bolt hubs on King or Project 321 hubs and centerlock on Industry 9. 6-bolt is also available in Industry 9 if you want, but I stock centerlock in i9 so I have both options covered. If you really want a DT 240 or DT 350, I can do that but I do not stock them as the straight pull versions do not go up to 32H. 

All wheels come tubeless taped with premium alloy valve stems installed, ready for you to mount tubeless tires. Through axles are not provided with wheels as they are part of the bike frame system.

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Jeff B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Best wheels I’ve ever owned!

I’ve been riding my new hucksters every day and love everything about them. The process of purchasing and delivery was flawless. Highly recommend!

christopher d.
United States United States
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The whells are amazing! Best plus wheels I have ever had! Jerry the owner and builder is very efficiant and personable. Nice to deal with the person actually building your wheels! Great product! Great price! Excellent customer service. I would recomend these wheels over enve or I9.

Max R.
United States United States
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TGR Reviews the NEXT Huck 29er

From testing these during our fall 2019 carbon wheel roundup: https://www.tetongravity.com/story/gear-tech/tgr-tested-the-best-carbon-mtb-wheels-of-2019 Jerry Chabot’s one-man show is one of perfection - he strives to build the truest, roundest, most reliable bike wheels on the planet, whether they are found on XC bikes, DH rigs, or road bikes in pro-level races. Pop any pair of Chabot-built wheels on your bike, and you’ll immediately feel a difference - they just want to roll forever. We tested NEXT’s Huck 29r Trail wheelset, an all-mountain/enduro rim built with a trail riding layup, 32-hole drilling, and lightweight 3D-wound carbon construction. They are quite light, but with smart geometry and features like extra-width sidewalls and beads as well as molded (not drilled) spoke holes, they are designed to handle some serious downhill abuse. Like the NOBL TR 36, the hookless low-profile bead is designed to help eliminate pinch flats, even at super low tire pressures. NEXT's rim profile seems extra round, where the widest part of the rim is actually inboard of the bead. On the trail, we found the stiffness and build quality to be immediately noticeable. Don’t think you’ll notice a wheel that’s near-perfectly round and true? Try a set of NEXTs. We immediately felt way more confident in the air and on trail, loving the lateral stiffness of the wheels. They accelerate crazy fast and feel super sturdy in tight corners and high-speed berms. Our test rims were laced to a set of colorful Hope Tech Pro 4 hubs with matching purple nipples. The hub's four-pawl ratchet system with 44-tooth engagement (8.2 degree) doesn't seem like much on paper, but it provided plenty of get-up-and-go on the trail. The 31mm internal rim width played nice with 2.3” tires, providing plenty of sidewall support on the trail and in hard corners where traction was important. The rims are designed to be laterally stiff - which they certainly were - and slightly vertically compliant, making for a forgiving yet precise ride through rough sections of trail. We spent two months abusing these through brake bumps in the bike park, hitting jump lines on Teton Pass, and smashing through rock gardens in the desert - and couldn’t break them. The bottom line on the NEXT Huck 29r: The Hucks are a fantastic upgrade to any 29er trail bike that likes to get rowdy. Light enough for long XC days, but durable enough to smash laps at the bike park. These will be wheels you'll want to transfer from one bike to the next.

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Excellent wheels

Recently bought a set of Huck 29r wheels for my new MTB. In summary: these are great wheels, buy them in you need a set. Rim build/finish quality is at least on par with (or, I might argue even better) the "big carbon" brands, and these were $1k less costly than some big name brands. Attention to detail and build quality is evidenced by small things like a matching ano valve stems (included) and the handwritten build card that is packaged with the wheels. These things are built strong and stiff. On a recent ride I broke a front spoke (my fault - crashed onto a rock!) and the wheel remained straight and true with no detectable flex or hop on the ride back to the car. On top of the great product, if you ever have any questions, you can email to the guy who built your wheels (Jerry) and in my experience, usually have a response in 5-10 minutes. So, great product and great customer service/support. Just buy the wheels.