2018 Product Line and Build Weights

Posted by Jerry Chabot on

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to our new, revamped for 2018 website! It is relevant that we have completely re-skinned the website because for 2018 we have completely updated our wheels as well. Every collection has undergone an upgrade of some sort for 2018 and we believe our current offerings are comparable to anything else on the market, with the benefits of our great customer service, communication, warranty, and wheel build quality. 

MTB: All new this year, top to bottom. New rim profiles, wider "cushioned" leading edges for flat protection, lighter weight, better flex, better impact resistance, and molded spoke holes vs drilled.

All Road: All new this year with an endurance rim that is a wider, aero rim with hookless bead that is lighter and with better fitment with wide tires. Additionally the Road+ rim is a 650B version of the new MTB rim for all those same benefits. We also added a "skinny MTB" style option in the Rule for All Road slash tubeless cyclocross racing use that is super light and designed to allow tires to meet the UCI 33mm width rules.

Road: Same rim profiles but we upgraded to T800 grade carbon fiber for significant weight reduction at no loss of stiffness. This allowed us to simplify the choices we offer to just a 35mm and 55mm profile, with the new 55 deep Fast as light as the 2017 45R model, and the 35mm Quick significantly lighter than the 2017 35R, making it more a more capable aero climbing wheel. 

Triathlon: All new rims and the addition of a solid rear disc that is arguably the lightest on the market at 1,185 grams. We offer a 70mm front wheel with the option of a slick solid rear disc or an 80mm deep rear for smaller riders or windy conditions, and we offer a significant discount on the Triple Threat bundle of 70mm front, 80mm rear and the disc rear, all for about the cost of a rear disc from one of the big brands. 

Cyclocross: Same rim design but with new graphics, same great World Cup tested performance. We still offer the "American Style" 35mm deep Cross model for fast races as well as the very light 25mm deep WCX with great vertical flex for better course feel and grip on "Euro Style" technical courses. The Rule is our professional grade tubeless CX wheel for those that have embraced tubeless tech for their cyclocross racing.

See attached chart summarizing the product line as well as some data on weights and rim profiles pulled from some other popular brands for comparison sake and to help you make a comparative selection from our models based upon the popular wheels you may have used from other brands.