Posted by Jerry Chabot on

Have not had time to blog of late, my apologies. I actually enjoy it, but I have had a lot of wheels to build this summer and my fingers get tired ;)

We have added a few new colors, which is pretty exciting. The website will be updated soon slash eventually, but you can always just email us to ask for something. Of note, we have added a lighter gold nipple, best described as 14K Gold, as it looks like jewelry, verses the standard gold which is darker and a little bit more orange.

Importantly, the standard gold matches the gold hubs from I9 and P321 so if you want matchy matchy, those are your huckleberry. If you want a second color for max bling, give the 14K gold a look.

The second new color is VERY exciting! As everyone knows, I bleed green. Well, Project 321 has come out with a "Soda Can Green", think 7-UP (hashtag trademarks), and we were able to source a matching nipple!

I LOVE this color and immediately had to build myself a cyclocross set. While P321 are still only 6 bolt this year, centerlock is coming next year and their magnetic drive freehub is still the best available in my opinion. 216 points of engagement, loud or quiet pawls, and the ability to mute the noise by adding oil to reservoirs drilled into the hub. Oh and angular contact rear bearings, beautifully machined hubs, and magically angled hub flanges that result in no spoke bend at the flange. I have no idea how Jake machines these flanges but they are great. This is my favorite hub! So much so that I am living with the 6 bolt on my CX fleet this year. Anyone who knows me knows what a big deal THAT is! Check these out if you are looking for a color hub option.