Double Wheel Bag

Regular price $50.00 454 grams

We designed a premium padded double wheel bag that is unlike pretty unique. It uses a staggered wheel layout that adds only a few inches to the bags length but results in a dramatically thinner loaded bag. This makes packing your car with you and your buddies bikes and 6 pairs of wheels for that cyclocross race so much easier! It also ensures that your disc rotors can face in towards each other and be offset so they so not hit. This is the best way to ensure they don't get bent. We also upsized the bag to easily fit cyclocross and even MTB wheels with inflated tires installed and no struggling with zippers. The bags are well padded both externally and internally, with quality zippers and materials. 

Our international road racing team Team CCB Foundation have flown on commercial airlines with carbon wheels in these bags as checked luggage with zero issues. They were not considered oversized and there was no damage to the wheels. 

Bags ship FREE with a wheel purchase. Bags purchased separately are subject to shipping charges.