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Rim Replacement

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If you have any kind of rim failure while riding your bike, we will replace your broken rim, including rebuild labor, for free. The only exclusions are rim brake wheels because those are a wear item, and we can't control what pads you use, cyclocross tubulars because we see so many cracks due to racing on a flat to get back to the pits, and non-riding incidents like shipping, packing, stacking, driving over, using a screwdriver to mount a tire, blowing up the rim with an air compressor and faulty base tape, etc. In those cases, generally, the paid replacement policy still holds. We reserve the right to charge for rim replacement even if you were "riding your bike" if you did something that we deem to be out of the realm of the intended use. If you are doing wheelie drops on your road bike it would be unreasonable for you to expect, and for us to provide, a free rim replacement.

Please note that this is valid only for the original owner of the wheels. If you picked up a set used, or if you fall under an exception noted above, a $350 replacement policy applies. All other aspects and steps apply as below.

DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU'VE GOT A BROKEN WHEEL, PEOPLE!! It's a warranty not an insurance policy you have to sign up for. Read the instructions below. Don't read between the lines, just read. - The Management

Step 1: Break your wheel while riding your bike. If it shows up and it's just a non structural scratch or dried energy drink or petrified vomit (looking at you, triathletes) we will true the wheel up and send it back to you for further breaking. If the wheel broke when you were not riding your bike, because you drove into your garage, or backed over it, or the airline broke it, you used a screwdriver to mount a tire, you inflated the rim and popped it by inflating with an air compressor and faulty base tape, the UPS truck caught on fire and melted your bike (true story), or angry squirrels chewed through the rim, we will replace the rim for a fee of $350 dollars. 

Step 2A: Moment of silence to reflect on the passing of your rim, it is the least you can do. If you feel compelled to say a few words, this would be the time. 

Step 2B: CLEAN THE WHEEL. Pretty please. No, seriously, like hit that thing with a hose and a brush, OK? Really. Do it. Don't make us dip the wheel in cow manure before we ship it back (we are in Vermont, don't push us). Also, remove all tires, tubes, cassettes, skewers, everything. We don't want to deal with your rancid tubeless fluid in the shop. If you send us your skewers we will very likely loose them and deny that we ever saw it. DO NOT cut the hub out or cut spokes. We need the WHOLE WHEEL back. If you do, spoke charges will apply.

Step 3: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Add this item to your cart!! We need you to process the repair via the website as that will generate a work order and internal tracking number and allow both parties to communicate regarding the repair and track return shipping, etc. Return shipping cost will be calculated and charged to you at this time. This is our shipping cost BACK to you, and is paid by the wheel owner.

Step 4: You ship the wheel to us. Send to: NEXT Cycling, 76 Bear Mountain Road, Bolton VT, 05676 (NOTE: please print and place a copy of the web order in the box, ideally tucked in between two spokes so we can find it). Please do not require a receipt signature when you prepare the shipping label. This is shipping you buy and pay on your own at UPS or Bikeflights or whomever. Just get the wheels to us like shipping any other item. The shipping charged at check out is RETURN TO YOU. 

Step 5: We replace the rim with the closest match current product rim we have. Graphics may not match. We replace any broken spokes and we rebuild with all new nipples. 

Step 6: We ship the wheel back to you. IMPORTANT: We will ship ONLY to the address you used on the web order. Please don't email us a different shipping address. Please. Pretty please. Let's keep this organized, OK? This is the shipping charge you pay at check out (in case that was not yet clear). 

We think this is the easiest and best value rim warranty available. Please help us to help you by making this easy on us by following the instructions. Things are always busy here and the process laid out above will keep things organized and running smoothly. We don't need to exchange a million emails to get this done. 

Small print: Hubs are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and are not covered by the lifetime warranty. We will help you deal deal with any hub issues that may arise. Wear items such as bearings or brake pads and rim brake track area are not a warranty item. This program applies to authentic NEXT carbon rims only. 


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Mori C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
A year review

I want to use the wheels before giving my review and experience with the wheels(grit). Used the wheels for almost a year and good experience, light, responsive and fast as I could ride. Last race(local trail rocky n good hill) of the year, felt something on the first lap but didn’t pay attention and finished(won) the race. I discover that the back rim have a cracked but didn’t licked or lost any sealant. I was worried about rim replacement cost but I got message back said “dude it’s FREE “ I have told the stories many times locally.

Built By Jerry Rim Replacement ReviewBuilt By Jerry Rim Replacement Review
Jeremy C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Incredible customer support!

Jerry is the man, thanks for the great service and support as usual.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Thank you!!

I managed to crack a rear rim with a direct hit on a leaf-covered sharp rock that burped my tire. Jerry fixed it up real fast, and sent the wheel back better than new. So grateful for the support and to get to keep riding these killer wheels everyday rather than babying them for special occasions.

Josh B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

******* rim while riding. Totally my fault. Sent it in. A week later I'm back in business, ready to do it again. Thanks Jerry

Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Rim replacement

World class custumer service. Amazing wheel, fast shipping.

Built By Jerry Rim Replacement Review