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Rule: The Rule is my "one wheel to rule them all” with a new profile that is shallower for better vertical flex and an asymmetrical profile for better lateral stiffness with the shallow rim. Excellent for gravel riding or racing, cyclocross racing, "pave" or off-piste tours, and even loaded bike packing. The Rule is perfect for the dedicated cyclist who does everything on a bike and wants to invest in just one wheelset and spend the extra money on travel and adventures (and bike packing gear).

The external rim width is now 31mm with a 25mm internal. I also opted to go to a very shallow rim depth, which seems to be more forgiving to impacts, and is now down to 20mm deep. This configuration is a feathery 300gr.  I always recommend a liner in modern carbon off-road rims as the lower pressure performance easily offsets the weight, and the liner greatly reduces risk of rim damage. 

All rims are constructed using graphene doped Toray T800 carbon fiber. Graphene doping is a new process using wherein a very small amount of graphene (under 2%) is added to the carbon matrix during processing. Scientific testing has demonstrated significant increases in strength and impact resistance results from the graphene doping process. My testing has shown this to be true in practice, allowing pretty significant weight reductions in the rim construction.

Additionally, these rims have an internal reinforcement at the nipple which allows the rim to be thinner between the nipples, which is a low force area of the rim. This allows the new Rule to be so much wider than the old model while being the same weight. 

The Rule is asymmetric again, after a few years having gone away from that. I find that a rim 28-30mm deep does not really need it to get good non-drive spoke tension so why add the complication? But at 20mm deep, now your spokes are more vertical and I find that these do build up much better with an offset. They are laced 28 hole 3-cross because that is what you want in an off-road wheel. This makes the Rule well rounded for cyclocross, gravel riding, racing, and bike-packing, with a stronger overall build while still being a light, responsive wheelset that feels very snappy under you.  Racing, adventure rides, loaded touring, all no problem. One wheel to rule them all.  

All wheels come tubeless taped with premium alloy valve stems installed, ready for you to mount tubeless tires. Through axles are not provided with wheels as they are part of the bike frame system.

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I recommend this product
Great 1st ride!

Ordered the RULE wheels and they were delivered about 2 weeks later. Build quality is very good. Rim tape was nearly perfect - only had to trim one small section that ran up the sidewall. Asked Jerry to add tires, but he apparently forgot, so I mounted some 38's - which was tough - as expected. The rim is the perfect diameter so the tires I chose required some tire levers to mount. Added some sealant (no tubes) and got them to hold air quite easily. 1st ride was today and had to write this review. These wheels are awesome. Ride stats showed a slight increase in speed over my stock rims. Apart from that, they just feel snappier and more stable than my stock rims. Well worth the price!

Built By Jerry Built By Jerry | Rule Review
Built By Jerry

Sorry you didn't get tires, I definitely miss anything that does not make it into the order via the website! It is the only way I can herd the cats. - J

Mark L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Rule wheelset

Great communication to start the process. I wanted a set of Rules for my 'cross bike with orange P321 hubs but due to the pandemic, the 32-hole front hub wasn't available. Jerry gave me the option of waiting until the hub became available but suggested going with a GCX front with 28-hole hub since the front takes less abuse. I went with that because I didn't want to wait and am super happy with the wheelset. Now I'm just trying to figure out a way to come up with the $ to get a set of Grits for my mountain bike! I highly recommend Jerry Built wheels.

Built By Jerry

24 and 28 hole, but yah!

A Built By Jerry Customer
Medford Medford
I recommend this product
One wheel to rule them all!

That was the purpose and that's been my experience. These are my every-day, every-purpose wheels on my cyclocross bike. They've seen lots of road use and lots of high speed trail use. They hold up great, tires set up nicely, and absolutely zero complaints here

Patrick M.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Love these Wheels!!

I love these wheels!!!! Incredible strength to weight ratio, I'm very impressed with the build quality on these wheels. I'm very aggressive on these wheels bombing down MTB single-track on a cross bike, they have seen some abuse and yet they are still 100% true. Goes to show the care and attention Jerry puts into each and every wheel he builds. He is also refreshing to deal with on a customer service level, very fast with his responses to my questions and he kept me up to date on the timeline when there was a small delay due to supply issues. Overall I am very pleased with these wheels and will be ordering another set of wheels from Jerry in the near future.

Willem J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Built Vermont Strong

These wheels are built with the best components and with extreme care and skill. But, perhaps what sets them apart is that the builder also adds humor to the mix. You can't go wrong buying a set of NEXT carbon wheels