Built By Jerry | FAST

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FAST: The FAST is my modern interpretation of a deep road racing wheel. I call these "high volume" road wheels. No longer limited by rim brakes and 23mm tires or frames with clearance issues, The depth is 60mm vs 45mm for the MIDL. I was able to open up the rim to 21mm internal and 28mm external for optimum tire fitment and aero benefits with a wider tire. 

The road bike market is evolving quickly with a shift to much larger tires across the spectrum of applications, but particularly in high speed, paved road riding and racing. I pulled the best characteristics of my road and gravel wheels and came up with a quiver-killer wheel that is a superior road racer for use with 25mm to 30mm wide tires with hooked beads allowing high pressure inflation (up to 120PSI). The depth, at 60mm, is deep for the full aero advantage at high speed racing. 

For 2021, rims are now constructed using graphene doped Toray T800 carbon fiber. Graphene doping is a new process using wherein a very small amount of graphene (under 2%) is added to the carbon matrix during processing. Scientific testing has demonstrated significant increases in strength and impact resistance results from the graphene doping process. Our testing has shown this to be true in practice, allowing pretty significant weight reductions in the rim construction.

The FAST is 24 hole, laced in a 2-cross configuration front and rear using Sapim CX Ray aero spokes.

All wheels come tubeless taped with premium alloy valve stems installed, ready for you to mount tubeless tires. Through axles are not provided with wheels as they are part of the bike frame system.